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Susan's RoomSusan's Room, Room #5 (Zanna Discs 2000)- Former Berkeley hippie Susan Streitwieser now lives in Los Angeles, where she records and plays with her husband-guitarist, Tom Manche. Now on her fifth album (entitled Room #5), Susan and Tom deliver folk rock, with a sense of angst and alienation.

The band on Room #5 includes Susan and Tom, joined by friends Albe Bonacci on drums and percussion and Ritt Henn on bass.

Susan's RoomDon't be fooled by the gentle appearance - Susan walks with a knife in her hand on songs like "Can I Still Say Yes?" While I'm not sure what Susan means when she sings about being the "Lawn Mower Man," there's a definite tension.

And who can resist a cover of Joe Jackson's knife-in-your-back break up song, "Be My Number Two" (the only cover on this 14-track collection).

Susan's RoomSusan's press kit says her songs are "everything from sad to sweet to wild to beautiful, and sometimes all of the above."

For more information about this explicit combo, contact:

Zanna Discs
P.O. Box 691504
Los Angeles, CA 90069

Phone 1-800-Susan-Is

- Randy Krbechek © 2001

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