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Stationary PoetsThe Stationary Poets (2001) - The Stationary Poets, a combo based in Virginia Beach, Virginia, have a winning sound on their debut CD. Mixing the guitar pop of "All the Love" against East Coast bar rock on tracks like "Don't Know" (with a Leslie organ), the Poets have the chops.

The band consists of Bill Gaunce on vocals and guitar, Billy Kello on electric and slide guitar, Robin Miller on guitar and keyboards, Mike Trimble on drums, and Charlie Corletto on bass.

Stationary PoetsReportedly, the combo had a shot at a major label when representatives from MCA Records saw them at the Jamaican Room in downtown Norfolk, Virginia. The band turned the offer down, feeling that it was too "one-sided." [Which, in all probability, it was. Yet unsigned acts have essentially no leverage in contract negotiations, and have to take what is offered.]

The highlight of the album is "So Long," a J. Geils-influenced blues belter. Better than your basic alley cat, The Stationary Poets can grind in the best bar blues tradition.

For more information, contact:

Bill Gaunce
2036 Pheasant Hill Court
Virginia Beach, VA 23464


- Randy Krbechek © 2001

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