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Signing EinsteinSigning Einstein (JNI Records 2001) - Signing Einstein is a Chicago-based trio. With lead vocalist Gina Gonzales, Signing Einstein has a winning formula.

The core members of Einstein consist of Gina Gonzales, Joe Nuccio on bass guitar, and Vincent Varco on keyboards. Also appearing on the recording are Dave Uhrich and Abdul Hakim on guitars, and Randy Harrah on drums.

It takes awhile for Signing Einstein to gel, but track eight, "Love, the Same," has a spooky adult contemporary sound. And the concluding song, "Wipe the Pages Clean," is a definite keeper, with Gonzales' layered vocals and a bouncy beat.

Singing EinsteinGonzales has an exciting voice - it's too bad the band doesn't let her cut loose on more tracks.

You've got to have a hook to get me into an album. And "Wipe the Pages Clean" brought me back again, even if it is the last track on the album.

For more information, contact:

JNI Records
Attention: Vincent Varco
4255 N. Lawndale
Chicago, IL 60618


- Randy Krbechek © 2001

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