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ShowgoatsThe Showgoats, Catfish Saturday (2000) - The Showgoats are a talented five-piece combo hailing from North Carolina (with a goofy name). Recording with producer Jamie Hoover (who founded the Spongepons and who has toured with Marti Jones), the album has a well-oiled sound.

The band consists of Eric Dunnavant on guitar and vocals, Walker Meadows on guitar, Fred Monroe on bass, Chip Holmes on percussion, and Mark Degnan on vocals. According to Walker Meadows, "We actually started playing with nothing in mind but drinking beer and relaxing on Saturdays, but it became a lot more. It was very easy for us to put together songs, and the songs were actually pretty good."

Five fun guys I'll agree with Walker. "Paper Dolls" showcases the band's self-styled power pop, and "Hugh McColl" displays elements of the Jayhawks' new country sound. While "Blind Leads the Blind" is the most polished rock song on the album, "Fallin' Down" opens with a blistering guitar assault and reflects elements of R.E.M.

The album was recorded and mixed at Liquid Studios in Charlotte North Carolina.

The Showgoats have grabbed elements of Southern power pop and made them their own. The band says it has been together for two years and "Plays out a good bit here in North Carolina and some in Virginia and some in South Carolina."

For more information, contact:

The Showgoats
Post Office Box 4036
Matthews, NC 28106

- Randy Krbechek © 2001

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