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Rufus ManeuversRufus Maneuvers, One Clear Moment (B-Group Music 2001) - Rufus Maneuvers is an ambitious five-piece combo from Buffalo, New York. With an up-tempo bar rock sound, and dual vocalists who bring to mind the fondly-remembered Subdudes, Rufus Maneuvers wants you to do the bar boogie with them.

Rufus Maneuvers are vocalist/rhythm guitarist Scott Celani, vocalist Jim Culver, lead guitar Sean Lewis, bass player Karin Koszuta, and drummer Chris Edwards. Rufus Maneuvers has its heart in being a jam band, as reflected on songs like "Hopeless Romantic." Yet the Peter Holsapple-influenced guitar jams come through on tracks like "Somewhere."

Rufus ManeuversOne Clear Moment was produced by Brent Budrug of Toronto's B-Group Music. Budrug favors a textured studio sound, with plenty of guitar feedback.

My favorite track is "Ice Man," which opens with a Collective Soul-styled crunchy guitar, and has a bouncy hook (I also dig the refrain, "I want to be an ice man /Just a nice man/Not an asshole").

The band maintains a lighter side, having toured this year on the "Catskill Cabin Fever Caravan" through (not surprisingly) the Catskill Mountains. Says Rufus Maneuvers, "Rock and roll your winter blues away!"

I always look for a hit groove, and One Clear Moment has it on "Ice Man."

For more information, contact:

Rufus Maneuvers
P.O. Box 85
Kenmore, New York 14217
Phone: 877/997-8387

- Randy Krbechek © 2001

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