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Mike FarleyMike Farley Band, Halfaworldaway (RTT Records 2000) - Midwest rocker Mike Farley showcases his band and songwriting skills on Halfaworldaway. With a polished bar rock sound, Farley shows how it's done in Cleveland.

Farley has made a name for himself on the local music scene, playing hundreds of club shows, festivals, and showcases throughout Ohio and beyond. Farley has also been featured on local radio and television.

Mike FarleyThe band consists of Mike Farley on vocals and acoustic guitar, Jeff Nagel on lead guitar and percussion, Jeff Beam on bass, and Joe Rohan on drums, with additional help from Tony Lang on backing vocals and keyboards. The album was produced by Tony Long and recorded at Long Studios and Closer Look Studios in Cleveland.

Farley's sound is high energy bar rock - think Huey Lewis & the News. Listen for tracks like "3000 Miles" and "Cindy," in which the band revs it up. Yet Farley also knows how to lay down a more gentle beat on songs like "Someplace Else."

For more information about Halfaworldaway, contact:

Mike Farley
RTT Records
P.O. Box 30397
Cleveland, OH 44130

Phone 440/239-8110

- Randy Krbechek © 2001

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