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God's Greatest HitsGod's Greatest Hits Volume II (2000) - Here's an interesting little train wreck. God, a combo from New York City, has released a progressive song cycle/rock opera. Give these guys credit for effort.

God consists of Danny Rockett and Mugwump Jizm (also known as Matt Glasson). The duo (both from Chicago) originally started making music together in 1997. The band is rounded out by Ethan on bass, Dogmeat on drums, and Rolo on percussion and found sounds.

Danny RockettThe biographical materials add that the band has produced its own theatrical performance piece, entitled "God-A-Go-Go," blending rocking musical theater and surrealistic meditation.

God's Greatest Hits is progressive rock with flashes of Frank Zappa and folk melodies. I think there's a story somewhere in songs like "Psychotic Delight" and "Cash on the Nose," but I don't quite follow it.

God's Greatest HitsGive God an E for effort on God's Greatest Hits Volume II.

For more information, contact:
Matt Glasson
340 East 116 Street, #3
Hellgate, New York 10029

Phone 917/674-6571

- Randy Krbechek © 2001

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