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Arthur YoriaArthur Yoria (K Oso Records) - As a general rule, I don't review EPs. However, Arthur Yoria of Houston has a polished sound on this four-track eponymous album.

A native of Chicago, Arthur moved to Houston in the late 80's, and eventually enrolled at the University of Houston. Yoria was voted Houston's best singer/songwriter in a 1998 reader's poll.

Arthur YoriaThe songs on the album have a smoothly-polished sound, with a subtly techno feel. Think Britpop, with singer/songwriter influences. Adds Mr. Yoria, "I'm attempting to walk the lines between accessibility, creativity, and uniqueness. I love well-crafted, catchy and poignant melodies, and I think that every song that I record and promote should be unique and captivating."

Try the textured pop of "Several Mistakes in a Row" and you'll hear that Arthur has an ability to wrap meaning in a well-textured sound.

For more information, contact:

Mr. Arthur Yoria
K Oso Records
15139 Carol's Way Drive
Houston, TX 77070


- Randy Krbechek © 2001

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