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AquariusAquarius, Tailor-Maid + Straight Jacket (Green Studio 2000) - Here's an ambitious project from Patrick Green, a resident of Florida who styles himself as a composer, author, and producer. Patrick says that his "approach is most like that of the late great genius, Frank Zappa," which perhaps explains some of the more challenging elements of the album.

If you're looking for someone who thinks outside of the box, then Aquarius is your man. Tailor-Maid ranges from progressive rock to jazz to rap to smooth pop. The band consists of Patrick Green on keyboards, vocals, percussion, and acoustic guitar, Naome Ladd on "vocals extraordinaire and sex appeal," and Robert Planet on "electric guitars, vocals, and haze."

AquariusActually, I don't think Patrick Green really cares if anyone "gets it." Explains the artist, "I realize that some of you may be scratching your heads when you listen to this. This is because you have been conditioned to believing that the music contained in a pop music CD has to sound a certain way . . . The degenerates who taught you this bullshit also told you that an artist should stay consistent with regards to their approach to THEIR ART."

AquariusThere's lot of progressive rock/Yes/Zappa references throughout, from songs like "Triangle" to "The O.X. Files" and "You Wanna Funk." According to the liner notes, "the live quotes you hear throughout the album were taken from the 1999 Halloween performances by the now legendary top 40 cover band, Rumours."

Tailor-Made is a full plate, and maybe too much to digest in one sitting.

For more information, contact: Patrick Green
1135 N. Wickham Rd. #75
Melbourne, FL 32935

Phone 321/254-6431

- Randy Krbechek © 2001

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